Monday, April 2, 2012

Caught up!

First of all, may I tell you how much I hate the Barred Chain Stitch? Or the Alternating Barred Chain Stitch? Or the Twisted Chain Stitch?  They are all “TWISTED” and they all should be “BARRED”. IMHO.  That was the Week #12 stitch for TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) 2 weeks ago.  Last week was a catch up week, which I did.  :-)

There is something about this ol’ brain that just could not grok that stitch.  But I did it! badly  And in the process, I finished up my March CQ Journal Project Block.

The Barred Twisted Alternating Evil Stitches are in hot pink in the middle.  I worked from the two outer rows (awful) to the two inner rows (tolerable).  The other TAST stitch in this block are the woven wheels in the upper right.

The hot pink silk ribbon was part of a gift from Lorraine of Creative Daily.  She dyed it herself, along with some threads.  I won a drawing on her blog, and she included so much yumminess in the package. I will show you a picture of all of it tomorrow, but I couldn`t wait to dig into the threads and ribbons. And they are absolutely delightful to work with!

Here is a picture of the three blocks for January, February and March:

After the three blocks are sewn together, that large black area from the right of #2 to the left of #3 will have some motif that spans them to help disguise the seam.  I am leaning toward a silk ribbon floral arrangement.

And here is the needlepoint picture with the three blocks in situ.  Everything is just pinned at this point.  In April, I will work on Block #4 in the upper right. Too much green, so it will be covered somehow.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hey, have any of you heard about the (second annual) Sewing Summit?  It will be held right here in Salt Lake City in October of this year.  Registrations open on Tuesday morning, and I am there!  Check out the Sewing Summit here.  And that reminds me that I haven`t shown you pictures of my new sewing machine yet, like I said I would.  Soon, though.

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Cathy maroon


Suztats said...

I didn't much care for the barred chain or alternating barred c either. The only interesting use I found that I might try one day is for the rose stem.
Your blocks look good together! Happy satin stitching this week.

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

I had to chuckle with your post about the barred chain - looked tricky so I'll need to give it a go when I have LOTS of patience. I am SO excited to see you have used some of the ribbon & threads and might I add, they look FAB!!!

Maureen said...

I'm really loving your quilt - color on black is my fav!!

Donna Johnson said...

Thanks for the heads up. I am not going near those stitches! Your blocks are great!

Marjolein said...

The whole picture is looking good.
The blocks you are working on form a perfect frame for the central embroidery. Lovely!

Susan Elliott said...

OK this cracked me up! Barring the bar stitch!! I'm LOVING this quilt! It's my fave, bar none!

Wilma said...

Despite the "evil" Barred Chain stitches the blocks look wonderful together Cathy! Must say that I was also not very enthusiastic about this stitch.....

Mamabill said...

You're right. Those stitches are not at all fun. But you have a beautiful quilt in progress. Satin stitch has to be better, right?

Deepa said...

Despite your "dislike",it looks good on the block.Especially love the colors!!