Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TAST and Snowball. Again.

I got my new sewing machine last week (more about that in another post). So, the first thing I did was read the instructions, then I threaded the bobbin and machine with white thread to practice sewing.  A couple practice runs, and I was ready to tackle my first project; a Snowball (exchange of friendship fabric circles) for Kerry.  And what colors did she request?  A black pieced Snowball with bright stitching.

Well, I was too excited to wait to re-thread in black, so I pieced her snowball with white threads.  Aren`t those stitches (the machine stitches, not mine, LOL) cool?  Nice, even tension. Perfect zig zags.  What a dream it is to stitch on my new Brother Project Runway model!

So, the TAST stitch was Couching, and after stitching some half-wheel buttonholes, I couched a variegated thread with long slubs and thin spots and a thin thread running with it.  Anyway, I let the slubs dangle (Dangling Slubs. Almost sounds vulgar).   Ok, the slubs swagged (not much better) and then I couched the thin connecting portions into little triangles. Or whatever.  The couching thread isn’t as noticeable in person.

I’ve laid a base of herringbone on the left and will further embellish that seam this week, not only to finish the snowball, but also to catch up on TAST.  Let’s see, there’s running stitch and Whipped Wheel (reverse spider web weave). Should be fun!

My old machine is still at the quilt store/repair shop (a place I will never patronize again if I ever get my old machine back).  It has been almost 4 weeks and they have not even called me.  So, I will call them tomorrow (officially 4 weeks) and ask, words dripping with sarcasm, if they have had a chance yet to look at my machine. Yes, I could have called them, but the point is they are the ones being paid to do a service. I think non-communication is poor customer service.

And while I am on this customer service rant, I went to the Xpedx store to buy more poly bags for the shop.  I got my bags and went into the checkout line.  The cashier (only one working, even though two others were standing at registers doing who-knows-what) had two speeds: slow and stop. Which would be OK if she were friendly and interacting, but this woman was not. She let the customer in front of me run out to her car to get her credit card, while the rest of us just waited.  Getting checked out was quick, but on the way home I looked in the bag and there was no receipt.  Grrrrr!  I would think a receipt would be automatic (it usually is). And even more so if the transaction is paid for with a Business Debit Card.

But enough of that!

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Cathy maroon


Maggie R said...

Hi Cathy,
Love the stitches... especially the "dangling Slubs" (grin)
You will have hours of enjoyment with your new machine..
I just got a new one too.. Have to take some lessons as there is a lot to learn!!!
We gals do love our toys!!
Hope your weather is as nice as ours... daffodils are up and buds are coming along.. Unheard of at this time of year!!!

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Congrats on your new machine - sounds as if you are already enjoying it!

Susan Elliott said...

Dangling slubs sounds like a synonym for my boobs at the moment!!!!

Congratulations on your new machine and I hope you have a very beauty-filled, magical birthday where you get your receipt and you get GREAT customer service!!!

Happy Happy DAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl...How can I just say one is my favorite???...Love kitty, turtle and fans. Tell Bruce to pick me!!!! Fingers crossed!!! Carol in Clermont And Happy Happy Birthday!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Pretty! lol - and I know what lucky girl is going to get this!!