Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fractured St. Patrick’s Day Cards

You know I love to share vintage images with you. There are plenty today for your enjoyment and copying. And I also love to find the humor in things, and these cards, to me, are ripe for the jesting!!

…but the rest of me looks like Mr. Potato Head.

March 18: Bleary-eyed, Pat and Sam share another toast to celebrate whatever it was they agreed to the night before.
How surprised the villagers were when, upon landing, they learned they had been flying a cucumber

Hazing ritual for the KISS (Kappa Iota Sigma Sigma) Fraternity at Dublin University

Erin Go Overboard: Another good reason not to Drink and Row

Inspired by a guest at the New Years Eve Party, Brendan created a Shamrock Hat to impress Fiona.

Their feud momentarily forgotten, George and Declan share a toke of some funny weed that George had named after his mother,  Mary Jane.
Secret meeting of the Irish Teetotaling Society

Kathy:  Can you come over for a drink?
Tommy: OK, but no shamrock juice in the lemonade this time.
The Good Ship Shamrock: design forerunner to her more well-known sister, The Good Ship Lollipop.
They vowed their love.
They vowed their devotion.
They vowed never to let Billy’s younger brother take the reins again.
Their love was forbidden, but Betsy knew they would run away together to some faraway farm.
Or pork factory.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
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Cathy said...

Happy belated b'day. Happy St. Paddy's day and thanks for the laugh at the expense of we old Irish folk ;-)

Linda B said...

The cards are just delightful!