Sunday, February 20, 2011

CQ Adventure Name Tag

While in Arizona, I finished the name tag that Susan and Maureen sent for for An Adventure in Crazy Quilting in April.   They printed out all the attendees’ names and then pieced little blocks for everyone.  The tags were sent to us with all the final event and class information last month.

At first, the colors were daunting to me, as I usually work in warm, rich, bright colors.  But something inside just clicked as I began gathering potential embellishments.  The peach and grayish seafoam with gold turned out to be really lovely and fun, and I found myself with so many ideas.

The name tag will be placed into a plastic sleeve to clip on ourselves when we arrive, so I dispensed with trim on the outer edges.  Looking at it now, it may be a bit thick with the cameo on it.  But I trust it will all work out.  AND, all I did was tack things on (no embroidery) so it went fast.   Yes, I admit I am lazy sometimes.  :-)

Will post again next weekend, as I am off to visit Gerry in Spokane next week!

Cathy maroon


Anonymous said...

What a nice idea with the name tags.Sometimes it's good to work in colour we are not used to working with.Mine colour aversion is blue, so this week I am going to make something in blue!Just to shake me up!!
Like your name tag.

Maureen said...

Great job, Cathy! You did the colors proud!

Laurie said...

Your name tag turned out beautiful Cahty, but I must say I'm SO Jealous right now! Retreat and Gerry? Let me go have a pity cry right now!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Cathy, I hope you have a fantastic time at the CQ Adventure. I look forward to seeing the pics and what you create. Have a great time with Gerry. Hugs Judy

Pam Kellogg said...

Stopping by to say hello Cathy! Hope all is well with you!


Wilma said...

Beautiful name tag Cathy, so balanced in colour!