Friday, May 20, 2011

CQ Gatherings Issue 2 is Ready!

For crazy quilters and needle artists of all types, Pat Winters Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine is a fun read and rich source of information and eye candy.  Her first issue, published earlier this spring, was an immediate hit.

And now, the second issue is out!  Check it out here.    There are  40 pages just brimming with lovely pictures, articles and more.  You can purchase an immediate copy for download, or order a hard copy (or both!). I personally love the hard copies so I can curl up with a cup of coffee and savor every page.

I am particularly excited about this issue, because Pat asked me to write an article about round robins.  At the time, I was visiting my dear friend Gerry Krueger (Olderrose) and we hatched the idea to do it in two parts. We proposed the idea to Pat, who loved it.  So, I have two pages giving basic information on the types of round robins, how they work, and proper RR etiquette.  Gerry also has two pages, and she talks about the creative considerations as you participate in round robins.  Great stuff!

There are so many gifted artists who have contributed to this issue, that I don’t dare start listing them for fear of leaving someone out.  But let me tell you, Pat has done another SUPER job in coordinating this issue, and I believe Crazy Quilt Gatherings will be around for a long time!

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In other news, Mrs. Robin’s eggs have hatched!!  The rain actually stopped early this afternoon, and we’ve had a half day of sunshine.  There are lots of worms (etc) in the garden for her to feed the babies with.  Tomorrow, if it isn’t raining, I am going to try to take a ladder out to the lawn and see if I can get a picture with my zoom lens without getting close enough to disturb her.   And if it starts raining again, we are going to move to Seattle to dry out, LOL!  ;-)   Or start building an ark....

Cathy maroon


Judy said...

Ahah!!"The Trooper" has hatched her eggs!!
I tried to e-mail you but my e-mail bounced for some reason.
So many of us are awaiting #2 Mag!!Looking forward to reading more abour Round Robins...and Mrs.Robin.oh the joy of seeing the little ones when they are big enough to fly.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I downloaded my digi copy a few days ago and look forward to reviewing it thoroughly today. Am pleased to hear about your article.