Monday, July 5, 2010

How Was YOUR Weekend?

I can’t believe the weekend flew by so fast!  It was alot of fun and celebration, and luckily for us, Bruce and I have today (Monday) off, too. That means more time to blog, stitch and relax!  And our weekly “date” to the local bookstore to get coffee and catch up on magazines.   Did you do anything fun over the weekend??

I’ve been posting pictures of the blocks of my Images of Africa crazy quilt completed a couple years ago.  We’re on Block 3, so here’s that:

Again, on these blocks, I wanted some representation of people, creatures and flora (whether real or “fantasy).  The lion print was received in a swap many years ago and fit in well here.  The guinea fowl (lower right) and African woman (upper right) were just fussy cut from fabric and fused on.  The beaded back leaf in lower left (next to the orange yo-yo flower) was from some vintage lace.  The leopard print in the lower area was already “hairy”, and I carried that on with the chunky, furry fibers that meander across the block.  Tucked in there is a leopard head, “hiding” in the bush.  My favorite element of this block is the brown ombre ribbon that arches across the lower half.  It’s a folding technique that I learned from a book called Ribbon Trims by Nancy Nehrig.  Beyond that, there’s a bit of seam stitching, dyed lace and buttons.  Pretty basic stuff.

Grandma Brag Time.  We spent some time on Saturday with DS Shane, his lady Heather and their baby (our DGD) London.  We went to the Salt Lake Farmers Market (what a fiasco that is, but you’ve heard me rant about *that* already), then walked to the Gateway Plaza where we ate lunch at The Happy Sumo and then let London play in the plaza fountains.

Here’s London (now age 10 months) digging into her “Little Sumo” lunch of chicken, rice, tempura vegetables and mandarin oranges.

Daddy, your sushi looks more interesting!

London and Heather checking out the fountains.  London wanted IN!!

In the fountains with Mommy

And in the fountains with Daddy

Good food, good fun, GOOD NAP!!!!!!

We walked around Gateway while London slept.

And ended up at Anthropologie

Nice mirrors and frames.  Not sure about the light.  And the displayed magnifying glasses are a definite two thumbs down.  I guess they’ve never burned up a van-ful of artwork and belongings by having one of those inadvertently catch some sunlight (a story from Shane’s past. Returning home from art college).

Felted soaps.  Linda in WA, this one’s for you!

 And I’d love this one for me!  Must do a knock-off!  

I plan to do some of these with the real (vintage) linens!

Bruce is checking out the lights.  His reaction: WT???

And we all enjoyed this display of lights hung from the ceiling.  

Heather and I appreciated Anthropoligie’s artsy approach to display.  Bruce and Shane weren’t so sure. Bruce’s comment:   “All those lights and only one of them WORKS!"

Until next time,

Cathy maroon


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm enjoying your crazy quilt blocks - fun to enlarge and see all the details. Have to admit tho' that the best is your wee grandbaby! I keep hoping I'll get one of those too.

Anonymous said...

What a great post.What a gorgeous baby. They look like angels when asleep(babies), don't they?

Laurie said...

What precious photos of the baby, and the block is awesome! We had a wonderful time also this week-end, so many new memories made it extra special!

Laurette said...

Samantha8446Hi Cathy...What a beautiful grandchild...She is sure growing up fast. I remember other photo when she was born. Thanks for keeping us to date.Myself I am a great grandmother of two. A boy one year old last May and a girl three months old.

MosaicMagpie said...

London is too cute and that photo where she is asleep is just a treasure. Anthropolgie lucky you. I would love to visit one of those shops.

Momma Bear said...

adorable babe pics!
rule #1 when shopping with men leave them outside the "girlie" shops the less they know how much that stuff costs the better!
rule #2 if they must come with,
no disparaging comments!
this stuff is silly, we know this stuff is silly, we like it anyway. get over it!)

Laurette said...

Hi Cathy....

What a beautiful grand child. She is sure growing up. I remember another photo when she was just born. Thanks for keeping us to date.

Turtle said...

nice! We had a fairly mellow weekend, was still a bit too chilly but daughter and friends slept out on the airfield for lighting fireworks, we had a short band practice, i was ill on the the weather is gorgeous!
When my daughter was that age we used to frequent a sushi bar in seattle. The owner would pop daughter onto her hip and bribe us to stay longer with sushi and saki. Daughter would end up waiting tables with her and they would chat to eachother, japanese to baby jibberish. Sadly they closed a few years back. (daughter can't get enough sushi to this day!)